Athens Congress Results

The Overseas Congress in Athens, sponsored by Bridge Overseas, concluded yesterday.

Sue McIntosh & Philip Cooper (picture here) were top in the Swiss Pairs, finishing with 140 VPs. Mark Westley & Maria Budd were second with 135 VPs, and Kathy Talbot & Denis Talbot were third with 131.

In the Swiss Teams, the O'Hara team - Sue O'Hara, Nelson Stephens, Ruth Edmondson & Brigid McElroy - finished on 127 VPs, 6 VPs ahead of the field. The team of Chris Taylor, Joyce Skelton, Kathy Talbot & Denis Talbot were second.

The other winners at the congress were:

Pre-Congress Pairs: Brian Crack and Shirley Goldwin (picture)
Open Pairs: Sue McIntosh & Philip Cooper (picture)
Mixed Pivot Teams: Cath Fox, Paul Mollison, Ann Owen, Val Mollison (picture)
Combined Pairs: top mixed pair: Veronica Petrie & Andrew Petrie (picture); top women's pair: Cath Fox & Ann Owen; top men's pair: Emile Lawy & Richard Spencer

Many thanks for the team who helped make the congress (picture)

The next Overseas Congress takes place in Sicily, 8th - 14th October.