Website Updates

You may have noticed that over the weekend some parts of the EBU website were updated.

These updates not only affect the layout of the site, but have also increased the content available.

The updates include:

  • The NGS page has been updated to include all partnerships, not just the top results. Partnership information is now also available on the search results page
  • The results pages layouts have been updated
  • The league and knockout results pages have been updated
  • The minutes page has been updated
  • The following features have been added to My EBU:
  • For members:
    • The transactions lists now show prize credits, transfers, receipts and refund
    • Fields to allow you to input your bank account details, and a button to request a transfer of credit to your bank account
    • There is now a multi-login option
  • For Clubs and Counties:
    • EBUScore now offers clubs and counties an older version of the software, if they prefer
    • Counties can now see reports showing statistics for their clubs, including membership, where available
    • Remember, clubs can also update information about their sessions directly in My EBU

    We hope you find the updates give a better experience for the above pages. This is the first stage of a larger project in updating our current website.