Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer 2020

The Junior Camrose Trophy and the Peggy Bayer Trophy take place this weekend, 14th - 16th February in Newport, South Wales.

The Junior Camrose Trophy is contested between England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland with the participants being under the age of 26. The Peggy Bayer Trophy will be contested between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland with the participants being under the age of 21. The Welsh Bridge Union have generously invited two teams for both competitions from England.

Watch all the action on Bridge Base Online, starting from 7pm on Friday.

The England and EBU teams are as follows:

Junior Camrose

England Team

Ewa Wieczorek and Laura Covill
Stephen Kennedy and Tony Ye
Jonathan Clark and Kripa Panchagnula
NPC David Bakhshi

EBU Team

Harry Madden and Oscar Selby
Sam Anoyrkatis and Liz Gahan
Theo Anoyrkatis and Andy Cope
NPC Mike Bell

Peggy Bayer

England Team

Jack Ronayne and Theo Gillis
Henry Rose and Jasmine Bakhshi
Imogen La Chapelle and Alex Pemberton
NPC Heather Dhondy

EBU Team

Jamie Fegarty and Venetia Anoyrkatis
James Cater and Lucy Norman
Bjorn Ahl and Thomas Gardner
NPC Giorgio Provenza

Full details will be available on the event website.