EBU Games on Bridgebase Online (BBO)

We now run seven 12-board games on BBO every day, all of which give master points and are processed for the NGS. All games costs BB$2.

At 11am and 7:30pm we have relaxed tournaments for players of NGS 9 or below which have 8 minutes per board. Playing with a Robot partner is not permitted in these games.

The "Fast Game at High Noon" is played at 5 minutes a board for those who like to play faster than our usual games.

The remaining games are played at 7 minutes a board and start at 2pm, 3:30pm, 7:30pm and 9pm. For the 2pm and 3:30pm games playing with a Robot partner is not permitted.

There is also a daily daylong Robot Individual game which is not processed for NGS.

Players should note that buying BB$ through an app using Apple or Google incurs a surcharge, so it is cheaper to buy them directly from Bridgebase in a web browser.

We have a guide to starting playing on BBO available and so too do BBO themselves. Results from these games can be found on the Bridgebase site through our online results page.

The games are match-pointed pairs, so you will need a partner, although there is a partnership desk if you have not organised to play with anyone, or you could pay to have a robot as a partner.

We have information available on the following topics:

  • Registering with Bridge Base Online (BBO)
  • Playing a Casual Game on Bridge Base Online (BBO)
  • Registering to Play in an EBU Game on Bridge Base Online (BBO)
  • Instructions for Joining a Teaching Table on Bridge Base Online (BBO)
  • Ethics and online bridge
  • A couple of final things to note are that BBO games work using self-alerting, so do have a quick look at the information we have provided about that. It is helpful if you give a brief summary of your methods to your opponents at the start of each round.

    That same document tells you how to call the TD during a tourney, which you should do if you have an adjustment on an unfinished board that you wish to question. You can also message the TD within 20 minutes of the end of a game for the same reason - click on the TD's name in the messeges you will have received during the game.

    There have been some questions about the size of master point awards given in these games. Since nearly all our games are larger than the “theoretical top”, because they have more than 25 tables, the size of the awards of master points are reduced as described in the Licensing and Master Point Handbook.

    Paul Gipson has written a guide to BBO here, which you may find useful. There is also further information about the BBO rules here. Remember it is important to be friendly and social - just like at your normal club.

    Enjoy your games and please be tolerant and patient with those who may be finding their way around online bridge for the first time.

    NB BBO records all table history including chat between individual players at a table. This can be accessed by our TDs but will only be used for the purposes of disciplinary and ethics cases or resolving disputes about timing or disclosure.