COVID-19 - Further cancellations and update

Things are moving apace. Yesterday's Board meeting was cancelled, instead, the Officers met, the Board having formally devolved dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, and having decided some pressing ongoing issues via e-mail.

The Officers have decided to cancel the following finals:

  • The Corwen
  • The Pachabo
  • The Garden Cities

All of which follow fairly rapidly on each other's heels.

We are not necessarily only doing this because we fear extending our period of blanket cancellations: we are also aware that many counties have yet to play their heats, and will find it impossible to do so.

It's a shame that these events and others will not be taking place this year, but if alongside the date 2020 in the future honour roles "Did not take place" is written, well, that just means we have something in common with the Eurovision Song Contest, which is finally facing its Waterloo.

A further decision made yesterday was that we will not be taking the annual club subs by Direct Debit in April. It's only a modest sum for clubs but we don't want to be taking payments out when clubs are closed and finances might be at a low ebb. We can sort all that out later.

Finally, the County Chairman's Meeting in May is cancelled. There are too many people coming from too far away.

Further decisions will be made as and when they come up. You will, of course, be informed.