System Reviewer Vacancy with BGB

BGB appointed a system reviewer last year, a volunteer who looks at and approves system cards for the Home Internationals.

The cards are scrutinised by the reviewer and if there is a problem he consults with the team captain and/or system card originator to get corrections/additions/deletions made.

BGB are looking for someone prepared to take this job on with effect from the Camrose Trophy 2021 following the resignation of Paul Gipson, the current reviewer.

The quality of system cards in international events has improved considerably over the past few years and the purpose of the BGB review is to maintain the high standard and provide consistency across all participants.

The System Reviewer works with all the pairs participating in the Home International Series towards this objective. Good communications skills are essential.

Familiarity with the WBF system card is needed and knowledge of the WBF System Policy used by BGB, especially with regards to HUMs and Brown Sticker conventions, is important where these regulations are different to those of the pairs’ home country.

The ability to work with BGB-supported document formats (Word, Google Docs, LibreOffice, PDF) is important.

The System Reviewer is responsible for maintaining the BGB guidelines for the process and assisting with Home International Series regulations.

If you are interested in this role please contact the Chairman of BGB, Jeremy Dhondy