Managing Clubs

Practical information and resources to help your Club to thrive.

    Members' Area (My EBU)

    Clubs have their own user id and password just like individual members where they can manage their club and members.  Read Members area overview for more information.

    When you have your login and password then you can login into the Members' area known as MyEBU.


    The EBU has used its bargaining power to arrange competitively priced group insurance for affiliated clubs through the EBU's own insurer.

    Covid-19 and Club Insurance


    Club Training Courses - to help grow your Club

    Club promotion


    Best Practices

    Further assistance

    If further assistance is needed, please contact the EBU office, and we would be glad to help -, 01296 317200. The services of the Club Liaison Officer, Jonathan Lillycrop, are available for those needing more specialist guidance.

    If you need to update your Club Officials' telephone and email contact details (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Main Contact etc.), please email