Huang & Barton win Online One-Day Green Pointed Swiss Pairs

The latest in the series of the 2023 Online One-Day Green-Pointed events, Swiss Pairs took place last weekend, Saturday 25th November. The winning pair were Antone Huang & Paul Barton (pictured), with a total of 114 VPs.

In second place with 104 VPs were Alan Wearmouth & Martyn Harris. Finishing just behind in third place were Sandy Fulton & John Rolph, with 102 VPs.

In the 2023 Leaderboard, Giles Ip maintains his place at the top with 445 points, Glyn Meredith remains in second with 395 points and moving up to joint third place are Celia Oram and Derek Oram with 381 points.

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November 27, 2023