New EBU Enquiry Service for those wanting to Learn Bridge

Our most urgent task as a bridge community is to bring new players to the game; and we want to ease the friction for enquirers who want to learn bridge but cannot easily find a suitable course or teacher. The new enquiry service lets prospective learners enter some simple information into a form, including their rough location and what kind of course they are looking for, whereupon we will automatically email potential teachers and clubs that teach with the details. The potential student will then receive offers of courses, making this (we hope) an easier process than calling or emailing names on a list, which can be frustrating. We also have a new Learn Bridge page.

We encourage clubs who do not run their own courses, or who get enquiries they cannot meet themselves, to refer people to this page. We also have a template panel which can be used on Bridgewebs sites. To get the panel, or with any other enquiries, contact

June 16, 2023