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What is bridge?

Bridge is an absorbing and entertaining game that is enjoyed by millions across the world. The game is played by four people with a pack of playing cards. You play as part of a pair, one pair against another. Every deal is different and although the game is not hard to learn, one of its attractions is the challenge of playing really well. In our bridge clubs, multiple groups of four play the same deal in turn, so you compare your score with others who had exactly the same cards. This means you can do well even if you are dealt poor cards! This is called duplicate bridge.

Selecting a card

Why play bridge?

  • It is fun to play
  • It has endless variety
  • It is social. You play with a partner and get to know everyone at the club
  • It keeps you mind active and can be played by people of any age, from children to centenarians
  • It is good for concentration, analysis and problem-solving. Some countries even have it on the school curriculum

The next step

What to do next varies depending on your location, whether you have previous bridge or card game knowledge, and what you want from the game. 

We have a new service where we will find a bridge course or teacher for you. Complete the simple form here and we will get back to you with what is available.

We provide a free advice service to provide more information about the game, help you to get in touch with a suitable teacher, or find you a club in your area where you can play.

If you are interested in taking lessons, we would be very happy to tell you more about what is involved, and to recommend a teacher or club in your area. There are lessons available both for newcomers to Bridge and for existing players looking to refresh their understanding or develop their game. You are also welcome to find a teacher using our directory of teachers.

If you already know how to play, and want to find clubs that would welcome you as a member or visitor, then you can start by looking at our directory of clubs. Alternatively, please do contact us. We can introduce you to a friendly club manager and point you in the direction of their website. Please call our new to bridge line on 01202 068439, or email us tim@ebu.co.uk

We also have resources for informal and online bridge learning if you prefer to explore on your own.