Team Allfrey win the Premier League

The team of Alexander Allfrey, Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Tom Townsend and David Bakhshi have won Division 1 of the Premier League.

They entered the final weekend with a clear lead, but saw this reduced over the first two days, with a number of teams in contention going into the final day. Two large wins, however, including a near maximium against their nearest rivals, meant they moved away to win by 39 VPs.

The team of Cameron Small, Phil King, Ben Green and John Holland finished second, 2VPs ahead of the team of Sandra Penfold, Brian Senior, Nevena Senior, Norman Selway and Derek Patterson.

In Division 2, the team of Heather Dhondy, Brian Callaghan, Sally Brock, Barry Myers, Frank To and Jeremy Dhondy overhauled the long-time leaders - the team of Sarah Dunn, David Ewart, Alex Hydes, Gunnar Hallberg, Tom Paske and Ed Jones - on the final afternoon to win by 13VPs.

Tom Townsend, David Bakhshi and David Gold are pictured receiving the trophy from Sally Brock.

November 10, 2013