Ben Green

Ben was extremely successful as a junior player, and repeatedly represented England in international events. His most recent success on the national scene was winning the 2013 Premier Grand Masters Pairs with John Holland. Ben was the Coach of the England Open Team that came fourth at the 2012 European Championships and third in the 2014 European Championships (later upgraded to a silver medal following the disqualification of the winning Israeli team), and was coach for the team when they competed in the 2013 Bermuda Bowl.

When did you start playing bridge? Grandma taught me on a family holiday when I was 12, but it wasn’t until three years later that I first went to a bridge club; I played with anybody and everybody, week in week out, and gradually improved.

How often / where do you play? A couple of times a week at the Acol Bridge Club in London; I also practise on BBO twice a week with my regular partner, John Holland.

Do you always play with the same partners / team-mates? What do you expect of them? I play with a variety of partners and teammates. I expect them to try their best – that's all that one can ask for.

What do you do for a living? Management consultant and bridge professional.

What are your favourite bridge books? The Expert Game (Terence Reese), Why You Lose at Bridge (S.J. Simon), Bridge with the Blue Team (Pietro Forquet) – all classics.

What are your hobbies? Cooking, playing badminton, exploring London (I have only recently moved there), swimming, going out with friends.

What do you like and what would you change in bridge? I love bridge, I wouldn't change the game at all. I enjoy the pressure, especially in World and European Championships.

What’s the bridge success (so far) closest to your heart? Winning the 2012 Spring Foursomes, coming back from a long way down to win on extra boards. Before that, reaching the Gold Cup final in 2007. Interview conducted June 2013 Since conducting this interview Ben has gone on to win the Gold Cup in 2015, a silver medal in the Commonwealth Bridge Championships in 2014.

Last updated: December 2015

Major International Appearances
World Youth Team Championships: 2005
European Junior Championships: 2004 2005 and 2007
European Championships: 2022

Camrose Trophy Selections: 2014 and 2019 (EBU Team)

Junior Camrose Selections: 2005

Gold Cup Winner: 2015

Spring Foursomes Winner: 2012

Autumn Congress Two Stars Pairs Winner: 2012

National Teams Congress winner: 2007 2010 and 2014(PAB)

The Hubert Phillips Bowl Winner: 2013

Player of the Year Championship: 2015/16 - 14th