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Bridge is an absorbing and entertaining game that is enjoyed by many across the world. We are delighted to welcome you to England’s Bridge Family and hope you will enjoy learning this fantastic game and make new friends. The first step to playing bridge is to learn the game. You can learn bridge with your local club either face to face or online.

The next step

To find a teacher or club near you, where you can play bridge face-to-face, please use our search or email us at or call our hotline 01202 068439

More about Learning Bridge

Members have recommended the following teachers with vacancies for online students.

Sally Anoyrkatis, Devon
Contact Information: 
“She is fantastic”

Marc Smith, Online only
Contact Information: 
“One of the best teachers and writers on the game available today”

Penny Joseph, Humber Bridge Club, Hull
Contact Information: 
“Teaches courses and provides ongoing support”

Meena Samani, Surrey
Contact Information: 
“Excellent teacher. Hard to find.”

Sheila Gabriel, Welwyn Garden City Bridge Club, Hertfordshire
Contact Information: 
“Excellent, very thorough and clear presentations-mainly one hour theory followed by one hour practical hands to emphasise topics covered.”

John Winter, Warwickshire
Contact Information: 
“I recommend John because he is a first class teacher and a qualified director for bridge. He took on board RealBridge as soon as it became available and it has been most successful and his teaaching methods are very successful throughout the Covid19 period he has circulated daily tips to all members to keep our skills active.”

Des King, Online only
Contact Information: 
“Explains rules, techniques and strategies excellently in a calm informative manner. Able to deal with questions on the day and then puts the lesson learned to test via a 15 bridge hands duplicate game the following day to consolidate the lesson on BBO.”

Stephen Pierce, Kent
Contact Information: 07973 207218 - 
“Very organised, reliable and professional teacher . Nice manner and encouraging .  Well constructed courses, good explanations, welcomes questions”

Chris Morgan, Kent
Contact Information: 07817 246129 - 
“Chris has improved my bridge considerably to the point where I can play with confidence at club level and online.” 

Bridget Rampton, Muswell Hill Bridge Club, London
Contact Information: 07961157373 -

James Lee, Kent
Contact Information: 07922 674742 -

If you are a teacher with on-line vacancies and would like your details to be added, please email


The Benefits of Playing Bridge

Bridge can be a path to your self development and well-being.  Recognised as a leading mind sport, Bridge offers provides individuals and society with social, health and intellectual benefits.  

Support and Guidance

The easiest path to find your way is with a mentor/teacher, they will show you the ropes and navigate your way from learning to play all the way to competing.    

Path to Competing

Competing in Bridge can be immensely rewarding as it tests our every mental faculty. It is also fun and a great way to make friends.  

Measures of Achievement

Your achievements and performance are recognised through two comprehensive EBU schemes. 

Latest News

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