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The Benefits of Playing Bridge

Bridge can be a path to your self development and well-being.  Recognised as a leading mind sport, Bridge offers provides individuals and society with social, health and intellectual benefits.  

Support and Guidance

The easiest path to find your way is with a mentor/teacher, they will show you the ropes and navigate your way from learning to play all the way to competing.    

Path to Competing

Competing in Bridge can be immensely rewarding as it tests our every mental faculty. It is also fun and a great way to make friends.  

Measures of Achievement

Your achievements and performance are recognised through two comprehensive EBU schemes. 

Latest News

Message from Adrian Darnell (EBU Chair)

I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself as the new EBU Chair. For those who don’t know, Ian Payn has been the EBU Chair for last 4 years, and I succeeded him some two weeks ago. I...

Summer Junior Bridge Camp

The recent EBED youth camp saw 72 youngsters from all parts of the country, ranging from 7 to 20 years of age descend on the Pioneer Centre in Northampton. This was the largest number of students...

New Partnership Forum

We are often approached for help finding partners or completing a team for one of our events, we have now created a new forum for members to utilise. Please use the new forum to post your...

Pachabo Cup - Player Information

For members booked to play in the Pachabo Cup this weekend, please see the below information which has also been sent via email: You will find the player links, the programme and other...