Chris Huber

After playing various card games for the whole of my life, I finally graduated to bridge at the age of fifteen under the instruction of my grandmother. I found the game quite intriguing. I soon discovered that a local club existed nearby and started attending lessons there. The teacher of these lessons, Giorgio Provenza, took an immediate interest in my bridge education. He strongly encouraged me to continue bridge and offers his own time to teach me. We began to play together frequently.

Eventually, I was asked to try out for the England U20 bridge team. I was quickly integrated into the squad and started playing with a new and dependable partner, Freddie Illingsworth. Together we competed in many international events, including the World Championships in China and European Championships in Poland. We even won the Channel Trophy.

Now, I have moved to America for university and, eager not to give up on bridge, have started to play in America.

Major International Selections
Junior European Championships: 2013
Junior World Championships: 2012

Peggy Bayer Trophy Selections: 2012