Christine Macfarlane

I am originally from New Zealand but came across to London for a holiday in the 70’s – and never returned. Being an engineer, I was immediately caught up in the booming offshore oil industry and had opportunities for progression that were not normally available to women at that time. I married an Englishman, we had our family in London, I worked full time and life was busy.

However, I had always enjoyed playing social Bridge, both as a teenager and when a fourth was needed in the office at lunchtimes. In 1998 we moved to the US and I joined a Bridge Club in 2000; it was then I realised there was a whole world of Bridge waiting to be taught, played and directed. I was interested in directing and scoring at that stage but the club I joined was run as a private enterprise so offers of help were not welcome.

Upon returning to the UK in 2004, I joined the Bath Bridge Club and a year later the club offered TD training for anyone who was interested. I took up the challenge and quickly followed up by becoming a County TD. During this time, I also completed my EBUTA teacher training and in 2008 started teaching people to play. This led to the creation of my club: Bridge and Games – Bath, where several of my original students still play.

Running a Bridge Club offered great experience and when I started working with a couple of now retired panel TDs, they took me under their wing and encouraged me to apply to the panel which I did 2010.

Since joining the panel I have been particularly interested in helping new players progress through the ranks and running the Really Easy Congresses. My motto is: Bridge should not be too scary!