Gail Nancarrow

I was born in Hong Kong but moved to my parents’ homeland of Scotland when I was 6. I went to school in Troon, a small seaside town which is well known to golfers. I moved to England in 1983 where I met my husband Paul, and we have two children and one granddaughter with whom we have so much fun with.

I started work with the EBU in 2005 and learned to play bridge in 2008. My current regular partner is one of the students I learned with. Having played together for 14 years, we really ought to be better than we are!

I love going on holidays, whether it’s for a fortnight or a weekend am fortunate to have many groups of friends to travel with. Closer to home, I enjoy going to music festivals, watching football, and of course spending time with my granddaughter.

I feel very fortunate to work for the EBU as my job is varied and interesting and one which I love. I deal with all financial matters from daily reconciliations to producing management accounts.

Updated November 2022