Graham Jepson

Silver Award Winner, 2014

During his time on the EBU Board, Graham acted as an important influence. His positive and forward-thinking outlook was always centred on the players. His record at local and county level confirms this, and without his contribution bridge in Sheffield, Yorkshire and the North would have been all the poorer.

He has been Vice-Chairman of the Yorkshire Board of Management since 2001, and on the Board for almost twenty years before that. His inception of the Northern Bridge League, and the National Final for the five Inter-Counties Leagues were successes, and with his steadfast wife Pat beside him he has been running the Yorkshire Congress for the last three years, amongst many other activities.

His encouragement of new players is well-known, and everything that he does, including, in 1984, starting up a new club, has been geared up to making sure that the game continues, recognising that without incomers, there is no future.

Renowned not just as a player of some quality and a dedicated administrator, Graham enjoys the highest reputation at the table as a gentleman, and a pleasure to play against.