Julia Brough

Dimmie Fleming Award citation - 2016

Julia left the Surrey committee in 2015 after over 15 years of service to the county. Nowadays when every club and county has a website as a matter of course, it is impossible to imagine life without one. Julia created a bespoke website for Surrey which was one of the first in the EBU. Not only did it list the usual events and information, but Julia tailored it to enable on-line event entries, and league results which was way ahead of anything else on the market at the time.

Julia also instigated the county’s quarterly newsletter and organised its distribution via email to 500 members. She also fought a constant battle to get members to update their email addresses.

Julia was also very helpful to other members of the committee who were not as technically aware as she was especially in the early days. Requests for amendments to the website were met with helpful suggestions, and immediate action.

Surrey owes a large debt to Julia for all her work in dragging the county into the 21st century.