Julian Pottage

Julian Pottage was born and raised on the south coast of England. He studied mathematics at Trinity College Cambridge and later gained election as an Associate and then Fellow of the Pensions Management Institute.

He learnt bridge at a young age watching his parents, who remain active players. Julian is a qualified bridge teacher and has been writing for over 18 years. He writes for English Bridge and is the bridge correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. He has contributed to several other periodicals, including the Bridge Magazine, Bridge Plus and the Daily Bridge Calendar.

His book Play or Defend? won the International Bridge Press Association's 2004 Book of the Year award.
Achieving a run of success in junior competitions, Julian has also won several national events, notably the Pachabo and Tollemache double in 1999.
His contributions to theory include naming and describing the mole squeeze, as well as discovering the compound guard squeeze . . .

Junior Camrose Selections: 1984

Tollemache Cup winner: 1988 and 1999