Nevena Senior

I started playing bridge during my final year at University, and my first husband introduced me to the game.

I am a Middlesex member and play almost all my club bridge in London-Andrew Robson's bridge club, Young Chelsea bridge club, Ace of clubs bridge club and more.
National success: In Bulgaria my best achievement was winning the National Open Teams Championship. In England I've won numerous Ladies Teams and finished in third place, two times in the Crockfords.

Internationally, I've won 12 medals from European and World Championships for three different countries (on paper - as they are Bulgaria, Great Britain and England).
My best achievements were winning the European Ladies Pairs in 1987 in Brighton, winning the European women's team in 2012, and winning the gold in the two Mind Sports Games Olympics in Beijing in 2008 and Lille in 2012.

In my free time I like the gym, jigsaw puzzles, reading, the Saturday Times crossword, football betting, cooking, concerts, cinema, and theatre. Unfortunately as I work as a bridge pro and live in Nottingham, it involves lots of travelling around the country, and I lack free time to do everything I want to.

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Since writing this biography Nevena has added to her international success by winning a gold medal as part of the England Women's team in the 2016 European Championships, silver medals in the 2013 Venice Cup in Bali, 2014 European Championships, and 2017 Venice Cup in Lyon, and a bronze medal at the 2015 Venice Cup in Chennai. In 2016 she won the Swiss Teams event at the National Teams Congress, and Division 2 of the Premier League.

Last updated: October 2019

Major International Appearances^

Women's European Championships: 2002 2008 2010 2012* 2014 2016 2018 and 2022
Venice Cup: 2003 2011 2013 2015, 2017 2019 and 2022
Women's World Olympiad: 2000 2008* 2012* and 2016

* = 1st place
^ - appearances for GB/England only

Camrose Trophy Selections: 2014

Lady Milne Trophy Selections: 1998 1999 2010 (EBU team) 2020 2021 2023 and 2024

Spring Foursomes Winner: 2012

National Teams Congress winner: 2016 (Swiss)

Crockfords Cup winner: 2015

Player of the Year Championship: 2014/15 - 13th=