Nigel Thompson

Dimmie Fleming Award citation - 2018 (nomination from Berks & Bucks)

Nigel joined the BBCBA Competitions Committee in 2004. In 2007 he took over as Chairman and held this position for 5 years.

To celebrate the introduction of Universal Membership Nigel arranged ‘Welcome to BBCBA events’ held in every club with certificates awarded to the winners in each of two categories ‘Existing EBU members’ and ‘New EBU members’, and prizes for the highest scorers in each category across all the clubs. The certificates were given out at the club by a member of BBCBA Committee, so ensuring that every club got a visit in the early days of P2P and had the opportunity to ask questions and air any grievances they had.

Other features he introduced during his County Chairmanship were an "Objectives and Philosophy" statement on the inside front cover of the annual Members’ Handbook, enhanced support for the Tollemache team with a non-playing captain and full funding of the team’s costs, an annual Green Point Pairs and Teams weekend (instead of every two years) and a reduction in the BBCBA P2P levy down by 2p.

When he retired from the Chairmanship he took over the running of the BBCBA Student League (for students on a 2nd Year course) in 2012. Realising that at that stage they were not ready for the County League of Four he came up with the idea of a ‘Graduate League’ which students play in for the next two years, following which a good number of them go on to enter the County League of Four.

Throughout this time Nigel has been Chairman of Austenwood BC from 2004 to this present day and plays regularly in county events. In addition, he runs a bridge club at a local secondary school, introducing pupils to the game via Minibridge and going on to full bridge as they progress.