Robert Procter

Silver Award 2021 Citation:

Robert Procter has contributed a huge amount to the development of bridge in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. His infectious enthusiasm has resulted in an increased uptake of bridge in the county at all levels. He has been a hard-working member of the Association’s management team for at least ten years and was active behind the scenes for many years before that. Robert became OBA Chairman in 2011 and continued until 2018. Robert continues on the committee to this day, heading the Promotions team. He also is an active and effective participant in the Midland Counties Working group.

Robert has given a huge proportion of his time to encouraging newcomers. He introduced new events for newcomers and improvers and strongly encouraged participation. These events included festivals, “High Fives”, Nine and Under and similar grade-limited events. He continues to raise the profile of bridge throughout the county and was instrumental in setting up the OBA Facebook page. His passion for the game has not been daunted by successive Lockdowns; when he has been a vital force for good in the continuance of the online game.

Robert is forward-thinking and creative. Currently, much of his energy is given to imagining how the game can continue to grow and flourish.