Simon Cochemé

Simon is an enthusiastic but moderate (his choice of word) player and, after working for IBM for 37 years, is devoting some of his retirement years to various aspects of the game. He was on the London Committee and organised the Lederer Memorial Invitation Tournament on their behalf for five years. He was vice-chairman of the EBU Selection Committee from 2008 to 2014. He has been on the Prosecution Panel since 2017, prosecuting cases against cheats.

He has been NPC of the England Senior team ten times in the Teltscher Trophy and in European and World Championships, most notably in their victory in the 2014 European Championships, and when they subsequently reached the quarter-final at the D'Orsi Trophy at the 2015 World Bridge Championships.

He likes to go and watch World and European Championships. His wife has absolutely no interest in bridge, but is happy to accompany him if the championship is being held in an interesting place (Beijing, Verona, Istanbul – yes; Ostend – no).

The name Cochemé is of French origin but Simon’s grandfather’s branch of the family became British because they lived in Mauritius. Simon was born in Malaya and, when on holiday there in 2003, was invited to play for them in their annual match against Singapore. If Malaysia had won, the score would have been included here.

Simon had two books, co-authored with David Bird, another ex-IBMer, published in the ‘90s; an updated version of Bachelor Bridge was reissued in 2020. He now writes an informative (he says) and entertaining (he hopes) column for English Bridge. In 2019 the International Bridge Press Association gave him the Alan Truscott Memorial Award for his humorous (possibly a typo for ‘numerous’) articles. A collection of the best of his articles, Bridge with a Twist, was published in 2020.

His greatest achievement in Bridge is being runner-up (twice) in the annual Eric Rodwell look-alike contest.

Last updated: May 2021