Yvonne Wiseman

Yvonne Wiseman was born in Oxford to bridge playing parents. She moved to the west coast of Scotland when she was 8, and soon after enrolled in mini bridge classes. She first played for the Scottish junior team in 2006, and continued to represent them for 10 years partnering her younger brother Ralph.

Whilst studying for a Chemistry degree in Edinburgh, she set up a partnership with Fiona McQuaker, and together they played in the Scottish Ladies team for 4 years, winning two Lady Milnes and going to two European championships. During her final year of University, Yvonne tried to stop playing so much international bridge so she could focus on graduating, but she ended up being persuaded to jump ship and join the English.

Upon graduating in 2015, she moved to Stockholm to be an au pair for three adorable little girls. This resulted in her finding a boy (a fellow bridge player of course), falling in love and never returning. However, her bridge is all the better after two years of training with the Swedish national teams. The bridge club in Stockholm is the biggest in the world, regularly having 80+ tables on a club night.

She is currently working as an Environmental Chemist, analyzing metal contaminants in soil and water. Yvonne speaks fluent Swedish and her hobbies include swimming, painting and reading.

Last updated: October 2019

Major International Appearances*
Junior European Championships: 2017
World Junior Championships: 2016 & 2018
Venice Cup: 2019

Junior Camrose Selections *: 2017 and 2018

Lady Milne Selections: 2019

* - appearances for England only.