All Hands on Deck - Tales from the Table

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Photo of Suzanne Anisfeld, she smiling at the camera, wearing a colourful dress and holding a copy of her book titled "All hands on deck - tales from the table"

This week's blog looks at a new book written by member Suzanne Anisfeld, from Middlesex.


As I am sure with many of you like-minded players, I was introduced to bridge at the age of 20 and was obsessed with the game right from the start. In the early days, I was only playing social bridge with the same regular group of people but I was soon introduced to a couple of local bridge clubs and absolutely loved the challenge and the competition. Ever since I have been playing, there have been a number of amusing incidents that have happened, not necessarily at the bridge table, but the incidents have somehow been connected to the game. All the stories have been stored in my brain for many years but it is only in the last few months that I finally decided to put pen to paper and write a book about all my experiences. I hope you enjoy All Hands on Deck - Tales from the Table which is available on Amazon.

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