Bridge for All. Merry Christmas.

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7 photos showing different scenes from Christmas parties across Chelmsford

Across Chelmsford Bridge Clubs over 50 tables of Bridge Players enjoyed a Christmas Party. So, if food is a gauge of the popularity of Bridge, Chelmsford is doing well.

The great thing about the Christmas Parties is they spanned every level of player.

On the one hand we had Dimmie Fleming winner, Audrey Hartley, who once played for England, still plays for Essex and although in her 80s runs the on-line bridge sessions in Chelmsford on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Whilst, on the other hand, we had the new cohort of Bridge Players, attending Valdie Poter’s beginner classes, supervised play, and seminars.

The great thing, that Valdie has made work, is getting the early learners involved in club play. There is no preciousness, and it is all about enjoying the game. In fact, very good players are only allowed to play at his face-to-face Thursday night bridge club, Brevion, if they show respect and are prepared to explain the most obvious bids to the early learners. And, if food is a gauge of the popularity of this approach, then 16 tables of hungry Bridge players at the Brevion Bridge Club Christmas Party proves the point.

At Chelmsford Charity Bridge Club’s Christmas Party, a monthly Face to Face Bridge Club run entirely to support charities, there was a bit of competition between the homemade sausage rolls provided by June Brown and Cath Fox. No need to worry – 9 tables of Chelmsford Bridge players ate the lot!

The poshest Christmas Party was for the beginners and early learners who had a three-course meal with all the bells and whistles – Prawn Cocktail for starters. And we can be sure that this hungry lot enjoyed dissecting the bridge just as much as the club and county players.

So, Merry Christmas Kings and Queens

Aces and 2’s and those between.

Enjoy the food, enjoy the cheer.

We’ll see you at the Table, next year.

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