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Submitted by English Bridge Union on Wed, 13/07/2022 - 13:43

close up photo of an older white man with a short greying beard, he is wearing a blue chequered shirt and glasses Geoff Davies has recently started a new bridge blog.  

Geoff is a retired professor of physics who started playing bridge as a teenager and is still hooked sixty plus years later. His blog looks at using computers to answer intricate bridge questions, such as: "If you have a fit in both majors then, on average, is it better to play in the 5-3 fit or the 4-4 fit?" by simply dealing lots of random hands and analysing how many tricks can be made playing in the 5-3 fit or the 4-4 fit.

One of his recent articles looked at taking 51 out of 52 possible tricks in 4 successive boards losing only to the ace of
trumps on the last board. Read the full blog 

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