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In the latest instalment of the "Day in the Life" series of blog posts, EBU Competitions Administrator & Selection Committee Secretary  Louise Crisp describes her typical work day:

I wake up at 7:30am, while having breakfast I like to catch up with the daily news and have a snuggle with my cat Jess on the sofa. I leave my house at 8:45am to make the 5-minute journey to the office in Aylesbury.

I start my day with a coffee, and this helps me to tackle the incoming emails and phone calls about all thing’s competitions. Once I have cleared those, I check on the Leagues & Knockout events we run. This normally gets me to lunch time where I pop home for more cuddles with my needy cat.

I reserve the afternoon for projects like organising the trophy cupboard, chasing outstanding invoice, making brochures, and checking all the events on our website are correct and up to date.

Once a year I get to go out of the office and go to the Eastbourne Summer Meeting. This year was my first at the event. It was a wonderful weekend which would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the TD’s. It was so nice to see how everything pulls together. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and learning a bit more about bridge.

Once the day is completed at 5pm, I return home and go for a walk around the lakes near to where I live. Once home I like to curl up in front of the TV while my husband makes dinner and watch whatever new fantasy/cop drama program is on or I watch my beloved Arsenal play football if I feel like torturing myself for the evening. Then it’s off to bed I go. I do like to try and read a couple of chapters of a book before I go to sleep, then it’s lights out in preparation for a new day.

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