EBU Venetian Congress, day 3

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Swiss Pairs winners Irving Blakey and Joy Blakey, they are both looking at the camera and smilingPhoto of Treviso Italy

For day three of the EBU Overseas Congress, sponsored by First for Bridge, the group ventured to the nearby historical town of Treviso (pictured above). It was also the final of the Swiss Pairs, which was won by Joy and Irving Blakey (pictured). Tournament Director Chris Benneworth covers some highlights from the day below:

Is “fire alarm” to be the theme of this event? As the players assembled for the start of match 6 in the Swiss Pairs, the fire alarm sounded yet again and we all had to make our way out to the assembly area. However, the reception staff assured us that the alarm had been caused by a fault so we returned when it was silenced, only for there to be a third brief blast. Fortunately, that was the end of it and play started pretty much on time.

In the morning, many of us visited the nearby town of Treviso, a characteristic town of the Veneto.

When you are playing bridge, it’s good to be skilful, but sometimes being lucky is better. This was board 11 in match 7 of the Swiss Pairs.

{dsnone J10872 J10 52 A1052; Q5 A86 QJ8 KQJ73; K9643 Q92 K643 6; A K7543 A1097 984 }{b...2sx3sx/}

*2 = Lucas 2

E thought that their double showed values, but W thought it was penalties and 3x made 9 tricks after friendly defence.  

These were the frequencies on the board:

That’s a good result!

The Swiss Pairs was won by Joy and Irving Blakey (pictured), who won all their matches comfortably and ended 50 VPs ahead of second placed Karen Dewar and Adrian Fontes.

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