Eve's Corner BC Celebrates 1st Birthday

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Four pictures showing the celebrations of the bridge clubs birthday party. Two pictures show people playing bridge at tables, one shows a table full of cake and the fourth shows three people stood behind the table full of cake smiling at the camera

Eve’s Corner Bridge Club has just celebrated its 1st Birthday. Started by Jill Fletcher and Fred Renvoize they began giving bridge lessons last August. 

When Jill and her husband went off to see their children in Guatemala for three months in January, Fred, Margaret Axon and lots of lovely helpers turned the bridge lessons into a small club that meets on a Wednesday morning in the local Danbury village hall. It warmly welcomes beginners and improvers. In addition they always have at least 3 helpers so it is not necessary to turn up with a partner. 

When Jill returned she started a second lot of bridge lessons for a new group of people on Wednesday afternoons. This group are now almost ready to join the actual club. Now with 49 members the club is thriving. If anyone local would like to join them they will certainly receive a warm welcome.

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