Majorca Congress Day 2

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Photo showing people playing bridge

For the second day of the EBU Spring Overseas Congress, sponsored by First for Bridge, tournament Director Chris Benneworth talks through an exciting hand:

Today dawned bright and sunny, so lots of reasons to be cheerful. After breakfast, the welcome meeting was well attended – it was an excellent opportunity to pass over lots of information about the hotel and the locality.

Bridge started in earnest with the first session of the Swiss Pairs – eighteen tables in a very friendly atmosphere. It is so much more pleasant playing (and directing) when everyone is playing according to Best Behaviour at Bridge (BB@B).

The first day was very close, with only 11 VPs covering the leading five pairs.  It should make for an exciting day 2.

The theme for the event was once again slams.

You hold S K, H A Q J 9 6 4 2, D Q 7, C Q 4 2 and are considering your opening bid when partner bids 2NT (20 – 22). That’s very encouraging as you can count a minimum of 34 points so are definitely in the slam range. If partner has the KH, then seven of something may be on, but how to find out. Only two pairs managed to bid 7NT, along with two others who got to 7H. Here’s one auction, with E and W silent throughout.

This is the full hand and there is nothing remarkable about the play with 14 top tricks.

{dsb K AQJ9642 Q7 Q42; J109872 105 54 J76; AQ543 K8 AK86 A10; 6 73 J10932 K9853 }{b...2np3dp3hp4cp4hp7n/}

Where 3D = Hearts, 4C = Natural and 7NT = Trusting that partner has the HK

The other hand posed an ethical problem for one player: he has overheard a comment from an adjoining table suggesting that 6S is the right contract and has to make a decision about whether to pass or make a slam try in spades. The only right thing to do was to call the director, explain the situation and accept an average and that is what he did. What a good example to any player in possession of information about a hand that affects normal decision making.

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