Oscar Win for Short Film Partially Shot a Maidstone Bridge Club

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Maidstone Bridge Club exterior. There is a sloped entrance to double doors, with a patio and picnic tables outsideMaidstone Bridge Club interior. People are playing bridge at tales set in two rows

You may remember back in October 2023, there was a blog featuring the latest Wes Anderson film, the Wonderful life of Henry Sugar as one of the scenes was filmed in Maidstone Bridge Club.

If you watched the Oscars this past weekend, you will have seen that the film won the Oscar for Best Short Film. Sadly, neither Wes Anderson nor the members of Maidstone BC (some of whom were extras in the film) were present at the ceremony to accept the award. 

The 39 minute film is available to watch on Netflix. If you do not have Netflix, you can still catch glimpses of Maidstone Bridge Club in a making of short which is available to watch for free on YouTube:

If you would like to visit and play at the club to see where the magic happened, contact Maidstone Bridge Club.

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