Venetian Congress, day 6

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Photo of a dining hall with people sat at large circular tables

So the Swiss Teams has started now with all the players involved.

There was a definite theme to session 1 – on two hands 6H was cold, but it proved very difficult to bid. 


On board 11, holding this hand as dealer, you open 1S and partner responds 2H. It seems that a cautious 3H is correct and it’s up to partner now, as they have a 0-6-1-6 hand. Only two pairs managed to get into 6H but everyone made 12 or 13 tricks. See the full hand at the end of the blog.

On board 22, as N, you hold this hand and after E passes, your partner bids 1H, rebidding 2H after your response.


Where now? Once again, bidding more than 4H proved difficult for most pairs, although making 12 or 13 tricks didn’t. Again you can see the full hand at the end of the blog.

With a train and bus strike affecting travel in the region most of us stayed in or around the hotel this morning, though a few more active spirits made their way to Treviso. There’s a local market there tomorrow, so we hope that the buses will be running again.

For the last two nights we have been having a buffet dinner (pictured) rather than table service. It seems to be much more popular with our players and it’s certainly quicker. The good thing about the last three days is that the fire alarms seem to have stopped

And here are the two boards I promised:

{dsnone - K98653 6 AK10864; A876 2 AJ98 QJ97; KJ1032 AQ74 Q10 32; Q954 J10 K75432 5 }
{deew KJ6 K5 KJ106 KQ43; 108 942 A9732 752; A9732 AQJ10863 4 -; Q54 7 Q85 AJ10986 }