Venetian Congress - more from day 4

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Photo of Marco and Grazia at Poli Museo della GrappaPhoto of wall murals in BassanoPhoto of sightseeing in VenicePhoto of Venice canalPhoto of plaza in Venice

At Poli Museo della Grappa, we were treated to an interesting tasting by Marco and Grazia. Poli is a family firm making grappa by the traditional method.

Bassano, like many of the towns of the Veneto, is famous for the murals which traditionally decorated the outside walls of houses and public building. This shows the lion of Venice on Porta Dieda, part of the medieval town walls which remain.
The Ponte Vecchio or Ponte degli Alpini is probably the most famous sight of Bassano. There was a bridge on this site in 1209, redesigned by Palladio in 1549 but floods destroyed it repeatedly. It has been rebuilt many times to the original Palladian design.

While the rest of us were in Bassano, Phil McIntosh, Sue Cooper, Babs Matthews and Joyce White, among others, enjoyed a day sightseeing in Venice. They didn’t take a trip in a gondola but saw them as they travelled round to see the sights of the city.

And the bridge is going well – no more fire alarms.

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