EBUScore is a suite of bridge scoring programs which are available for free to affiliated clubs and counties as well as to EBTA members. EBUScore is a rebranded and updated version of the popular scoring software originally written by Jeff Smith. There are separate programs for Pairs, Teams, Swiss Pairs, Swiss Teams and Individual.

EBUScore can be downloaded from here. A club My EBU login will be required or an individual My EBU login if you have been marked as a scorer by a club.

For more information on EBUScore, and further instructions, please visit our help pages. A selection of EBUScore manuals are available here. Technical support is available by email or by phone on 01296 317206.

Instructions on recovering from common issues can be found here.


Teams of Eight Scoring for "Dawes" type matches

Here are some resources for two clubs or counties playing head-to-head teams-of-eight matches in three divisions concurrently.