The Eastbourne Seniors Congress Teams - the history

for the Edith Kaplan Trophy (from 2007 onwards). Prior to 2007 this trophy was given for the Veteran Pairs at this event. Updated 13 Jul 2019

2005 Derek Oram, Celia Oram, Tony Gordon, Roger Jackson (picture)
2006 Mike Hill, David Dickson, Roger Edmonds, David Stimson (picture)
2007 Diana Avis, Colin Wilson, Brian Crack, Bob Jones (picture)
2008 Chris Burley, Steve Gore, Richard Palmer, Phil Thornton (picture)
2009 David Franklin, Gerry Stanford, Martin Pool, John Frostzega
2010 David Stimson, Roger Edmonds, Anne & Cliff Short (picture)
2011 Patrick Collins, David Kendrick, Jeremy Dhondy, Bill Hirst (picture)
2012 Sheila Evans, Rick Irwin, Malcolm Harris, Maria Budd
2013 Muriel Bailey, Valerie Benson, Antony Whiteway, Amanda Bolton (picture)
2014 Jeremy Dhondy, Alan Kay, Patrick Collins, Peter Law (picture)
2015 Bernard Teltscher, Victor Silverstone, Wille Coyle, Kitty Teltscher (picture)
2016 Phil Thornton, Bob Holder, Robert Procter and Michael Robinson (picture)
2017 Celia Oram, Derek Oram, Dee Lindon & Peter Lindon (picture)
2018 Jeremy Dhondy, Bill Hirst, Peter Law & Clive Cubitt (picture)
2019 Colin Webb, Galye Webb, Alan Cooke & John Holland (picture)