National Womens Pairs for the Palmer Bayer Memorial Salver

This event started in 1976 and ended in 2009.

Last updated: 13th February 2024

Year Winners  
1976 Margaret Curtis Jette Henriksen (Bailey)
1977 Toni Flood E Sinclair
1978 Morag Malcolm J Monachan
1979 R Wissenden V Allinson
1980 Evelyn Pritchard Liz Phillips
1981 Margaret Armstrong K Parr
1982 Rita Oldroyd Sandra Penfold
1983 Rita Oldroyd Sandra Penfold
1984 Rita Oldroyd Sandra Penfold
1985 Evelyn Pritchard Liz Phillips
1986 Jessie Newton Jean Newton
1987 Michelle Brunner Rhona Goldenfield
1988 Evelyn Pritchard Liz Phillips
1989 Celia Oram Anne Flockhart
1990 Rosemary Fellows Annette Roberts
1991 Joan Spearing Jill Day
1992 Liz Phillips Pam Southon
1993 Jane Hall Carolyn Fisher (picture)
1994 EA Savory ML Lamont
1995 Chris Duckworth Jane Sutcliffe (Moore)
1996 Ruth Edmondson Brigitte McIlroy (picture)
1997 Chris Duckworth Jane Sutcliffe (Moore)
1998 Janet Cohen Barbara Sennett
1999 Charlotte Vine Marilyn Nathan (Malinowska) (picture)
2000 Angela McReady Detta Bentley
2001 Michelle Brunner Rhona Goldenfield
2002 Margaret Armstrong Nanette McWhirter (picture)
2003 Chris Duckworth Agnes Wesseling
2004 Janet Mason Shelagh Flett
2005 Sally Brock Margaret James
2006 Sandra Penfold Anne Rosen (picture)
2007 Penny Macleod Jane Green
2008 Tracy Capal Kath Nelson (picture)
2009 Pam Pearce Lesley Geddes (picture)