Northern Easter Festival Pairs

This event started in 1996 and is run at the same time as the longer established London Easter Festival

Year Winners  
1996 Pauline Knight Ron Mitchell (picture)
1997 Roman Smolski Vera Petty (picture)
1998 Rhona Goldenfield Bernard Goldenfield
1999 Mike Theelke Jimmy Ledger
2000 Kath Nelson Alan Nelson
2001 Tracey Capal Bill Niccol
2002 David Adelman Roger Allison
2003 Sharleen Weir Ollie Burgess
2004 Tracy Capal Ollie Burgess
2005 Liz Reese Ollie Burgess
2006 Bill Hirst Bernard Goldenfield
2007 Catherine Draper Andrew Woodcock
2008 Ollie Burgess Sarah Teshome (picture)
2009 Bill Hood Ron Davis (picture)
2010 Bill White Joyce White
2011 No event held  
2012 James Thrower Rob Myers
2013 Jette Bailey Alan Bailey (picture)
2014 Catherine Draper Fiona Brown
2015 Paul Littlewood Fiona Littlewood
2016 Rhona Goldenfield Bernard Goldenfield
2017 John Holland Alan Mould
2018 John Holland Alan Mould
2019 Robin Jepson Alan Brosgill
2020 not held  
2021 not held  
2022 not held  
2023 Nick Stevens Clive Owen (picture)