Forms for Tournament directors

These forms are to assist tournament directors/organisers and are in PDF format for download.

  1. Score adjustments (normally coloured blue)
  2. Procedural/Disciplinary Penalty Form (normally coloured yellow - also Word version)
  3. Appeal form Updated June 2015 (also Word version)
  4. Report of a hand form (also Word version)
  5. Claim diagram form(for recording a claim position)
  6. TD fees claim form - current rates in document 9 below (also Word Version)
  7. Simple system card
  8. EBU Tournament Report (also Word version)
  9. TD Claim Rates

Note: Word files can sometimes be used to carry viruses. While the EBU have checked that these files are safe, we cannot be held responsible for accidental infections and TDs are advised to keep their virus software up to date.