Resources for informal and online bridge learning

Attending a regular bridge course is great for new learners, but there are other ways to pick up the game. Many of today's top players started at home with family and friends, passing on the rules to one another. Bridge played at home is generally a form of the game called rubber bridge, where each deal is played only once. Do not know the rules? A book like Andrew Robson's Beginner's Guide to Bridge will get you started.

Learn bridge in a weekend

Sometimes it is easier to block out a weekend rather than committing to a 12-week course for example, and it is a lot of fun too. Bridge in a weekend courses are available, for example, from:

Ned Paul bridge. Courses are generally in London. Ned says: "We cover all the basics need to get you started in a single weekend. That means that your focus can then switch straightaway to gaining experience through actual play."

Cheltenham bridge club runs bridge in a weekend courses, details on the club site.

Andrew Robson Bridge runs weekend courses ranging from beginner to next step, improver and advanced.

Henley Bridge Lessons runs Bridge in a Weekend courses.

Learn bridge online with a teacher

Many bridge teachers run online courses which are open to new students from any location. These are similar to face-to-face classes in that you learn with others in a class where you can ask questions and be guided by the teacher, except it is all online with video conferencing either separately or integrated with a bridge playing or learning platform.

Some possible options are:

Three counties bridge runs online sessions and says "We run a range of courses to suit all levels of ability, from complete beginners through to those who wish to improve their game or play competitive duplicate bridge. We teach Online with students from many parts of the world including South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Greece, Crete and in mainland Europe."

Learn bridge online without a teacher

There are thousands of bridge resources online. First though, a note of caution. The great majority of adults learning bridge in the UK learn a system called "four card majors" or "weak no trump". Most of the rest of the world learn a "strong no trump" system. Both are excellent, but it can cause confusion if you learn a strong no trump system and then turn up as a novice at one of our clubs - unless you can bring a partner with you. It is worth paying attention to which variety of bridge you are learning.

No-fear bridge is a UK-based site that offers both flavours (the link is to the four-card major one). It has a ton of information and exercises that can teach a complete beginner the essentials of the game. 

Renowned bridge player and teacher Andrew Robson offers a Bridgecast series of daily or three-times-a-week presentations, each one covering an interesting deal, with options for beginner or advanced channels.

Funbridge is a web site based in France that includes a Learn bridge series in 11 lessons, that you can take completely at your own pace. It teaches a strong no trump system.

Tricky Bridge is an app for Apple and Android mobiles that is aimed at complete beginners. Strong no trump system.

Jack Stocken runs online bridge lessons based on videos and online practice. Four card majors.

John Stell has a series of video lessons teaching bridge. Four card majors.

BridgePlay has a set of videos teaching bridge which you can use with a teacher or on your own. Four card majors.

Practise with friends

Bridge is all about playing the game - "play play play" is the best way to improve - and you can do that at home with no more than a pack of cards. If you cannot easily get together four players at home, another idea is to play online, for which there are many options.

Bridgebase Online (BBO) is one example, a long-established online bridge platform where you can practice bidding and play. You can also set up a bidding practice table with your partner and there are lots more play options as you become more confident.

RealBridge is a newer online bridge platform that includes audio and video at each table. A good choice if you have a group of four is to book a table via the EBU in the RealBridge Lounge. You can play for up to three hours at a time and the cost is £5 per table. More information here.

List of affiliated clubs that hold sessions on RealBridge.

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