Bowden & Negreanu win 2 Star Pairs at Autumn Congress

Adam Bowden & Carina Negreanu (both Cambs & Hunts) (main picture) have won the 2 Star Pairs, held at the Autumn Congress in Peterborough. This is the first competition in 2015/16 Championship Series, so Adam and Carina take an early lead in the Player of the Year Competition.

The event started on Friday 16th October, with the top twenty pairs from a qualifying Swiss Pairs progressing to a final, held on Saturday. Adam & Carina qualified in 12th place, and then went on to score 60.87% in the final, winning by over two per cent. Taf Anthias & Chris Dixon (both Wiltshire) were second with 58.60%, and Richard Granville (Surrey) & Peter Taylor (Kent) were third with 54.91%.

The next twenty pairs in the qualifying Swiss Pairs went on to play in the Satellite Pairs. This was won by James Thrower & Sarah Teshome (both Yorkshire) (pictured here) with 55.92%, just 0.32% ahead of Lloyd Sarsby & Gitte Sarsby (both Surrey).

A separate Swiss Pairs event, for non-qualifiers and those joining the event on the Saturday, was won by Ron Davis & Alan Oddie (both Bedfordshire) (pictured here) who were undefeated in their nine matches and finished with 138 VPs. Michael Byrne (Manchester) and Kieran Dyke (London), who were also undefeated, were second with 134 VPs. The two pairs drew 10-10 in the fourth round.

On Friday another Really Easy Afternoon took place. This was held at the main congress in Peterborough, but also at six other clubs round the country, and scored across all locations. The overall winners were Andrew Pearson & Kathy Pearson who played at Bradford. The winners at each venue, and the stratified results, can be seen on this results list.

Sunday featured teams events, with three finals following an initial qualifying round. The Eastbourne Bowl, for the main final, was won by Jeremy Dhondy (Hants & IoW), Bill Hirst (Kent), David Kendrick (Cambs & Hunts) & Tony Waterlow (Middlesex) (pictured here). They finished on the same score as Michael Byrne (Manchester), Dinah Caplan (Middlesex), Kieran Dyke & Marion Robertson (both London), but the Dhondy team had won the head-to-head encounter so took the trophy.

The secondary final, for the Burlington Cup, was won emphatically by Iain Roberts, Alan Oddie (both Bedfordshire), Giles Ip & Gabriel Ip (both Norfolk) (pictured here). The consolation final, for the Sussex Cup, was won by Christopher Whitehouse, Mary-Ann Sheehy, Aleksander Lishkov & Cathy Rowland (all Oxfordshire) (pictured here).