House of Lords beats House of Commons

The 41st annual match between the House of Lords and the House of Commons took place on 4th November, and was won by a large margin by the team representing the Upper House. Aggregate scoring was used, and over 24 boards they finished 2940 ahead. The winning team is pictured.

This broke a run of victories for the team from the House of Commons, and the House of Lords now lead the series 22-19.

The event was sponsored by Lord Kalms, and organised by the two captains, Baroness Henig, and Bob Blackman MP.

The Tony Berry Trophy for the best played hand was judged by England international Tom Townsend, and presented to Tony McWalter of the House of Commons team. He is pictured here receiving the trophy.

The hands were set Paul Bowyer, and his fun and educational commentary is available for you to read below.