Presentations made to award winners at AGM

Presentations have been made to the winners of EBU awards at the Annual General Meeting which took place in London on Wednesday 25th November.

The inaugural Tony Priday Award, given for an outstanding contribution to bridge and enhancing the game in all its aspects, was presented to Bernard Teltscher by Vivian Priday (pictured).

A Diamond Award, given in recognition of excellence and success over a sustained period for England's international teams, was presented to David Burn. Sandra Landy was also honoured and she will receive her Diamond Award at a later date.

A Silver Award was presented to Philip Mason, and Dimmie Fleming Awards were given to Barry Brelsford of Lancashire, Bernard Eddleston of Hertfordshire, Leslie Reece of Warwickshire, Geoff Smith of Kent, and Charlotte Vine of Middlesex. David Burgess and Joan Burgess of Nottinghamshire, David Galpin of Sussex, Elizabeth Muir of the North East, and Colin Woods of Cumbria, will also receive Dimmie Fleming Awards - presentations to them will be made at local events in the coming months.

The contribution of Elena Jeronimidis, the retiring editor of English Bridge, was also recognised. A presentation will be made to her in the new year.

Information on all the award winners can be seen via the links below.