Cope team wins Gold Cup

The 2015 Bridge Great Britain Gold Cup has been won by Simon Cope, Nicola Smith, John Holland, Peter Crouch & Ben Green (pictured left).

They beat the team of Barry Myers, Sally Brock, Chris Dixon, Taf Anthias (a picture of them is available here) in the final by 65 IMPs.

This was the sixth time Peter has won the event, the fourth time for Nicola, and the first wins for Simon, John and Ben.

The event is organised by Bridge Great Britain - full results from the finals weekend are available on the website of West Midlands Bridge Club which hosted the finals.

The Cope team are 'new entries' close to the top of the Player of the Year leaderboard, but the competition is still led by the majority of the Mossop team which won the Premier League, as they picked up a point for reaching the quarter final of the Gold Cup. The full leaderboard, and details of forthcoming events, are here.