Hasenson & Sherman win National Pairs

Peter Hasenson & David Sherman (both Middlesex) have claimed the National Pairs title, winning the national final which took place on 16th & 17th April.

The national finals featured 50 pairs who qualified from nine regional finals which took place in March.

Peter and David finished national final on 56.97%, with Stuart Davies & George Bak (both Yorkshire) in second on 56.72%. Catherine Seale & Ian Pagan (both Middlesex) were third with 55.99%. Juniors Michael Alishaw and Stephen Kennedy, who were the leading pair in the regional finals, finished fourth.

The National Pairs is part of the Championship Series in whcih points can be won toward the Player of the Year title. Peter and David's victory puts them 19th= in the race for the prize, which is led by Simon Cope.