Nettleton & Gold win Lady Milne Pre-Trials

The pre-trials to represent England in the Lady Milne have been won by Diana Nettleton & Marusa Gold. They finished the 16-pair pre-trial on +131.43 IMPs, with Anne Rosen & Nevena Senior in second on +104.42 IMPs.

The top six pairs qualified for the trial, the remaining pairs to qualify were:
Third - Olivia Bailey & Elizabeth Gahan
Fourth - Sally Brock & Gilly Cardiff
Fifth - Susanna Gross & Catherine Draper
Sixth - Dinah Caplan & Lizzie Godfrey

Those qualifying pairs will compete in the remaining stage of the trial along with Nicola Smith & Yvonne Wiseman and Heather Dhondy & Sally Anoyrkatis who were exempted from the first stage by the Selection Committee. The final stage of the trial will take place on 2nd-3rd February 2019, again at the Young Chelsea.

The Lady Milne Trophy is set to take place 12th-14th April 2019, in Ireland.