Women's Trials

2019/20 trials

2020 Lady Milne Trials

12 Pairs will qualify from the Pre Trials to the finals.

The Trials will consist of a Pre-Trial and a Trial.

Entries for the 2020 Lady Milne have now closed.

  • Lady Milne Conditions of Contest - updated 13th November
  • General Conditions of Contest
  • Playing with Screens Regulations - updated
  • The Pre-Trial will take place on 11th and 12th January 2020 at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club. The Trial will take place on 25th - 26th January 2020 at the West Midlands Bridge Club.

    The Lady Milne Trophy takes place 17th-19th April 2020, in Hilton by Doubletree, Paradise Way, Coventry CV2 2ST.

    Entries received

    Sally Brock & Gilly Cardiff
    Diana Nettleton & Marusa Gold
    Deborah Sandford & Kath Stynes
    Hanna Tuus & Alexandra Birchall
    India Leeming & Sue Johnson
    Anne Rosen & Nevena Senior
    Qian Li & Susanna Gross
    Claire Robinson & Heather Bakhshi
    Soheila Munro & Elisabeth Bingham
    Daisy Dillon & Laura Érsek
    Megan Jones & Imogen La Chapelle
    Nicola Smith & Sarah Bell
    Dinah Caplan & Catherine Draper
    Sandy Davies & Carole Kelly
    Catherine Curtis & Christine Jepson
    Lyn Fry & Lizzie Godfrey
    Rowena Clow & Hannah Cornfield
    Allison Green & Bridget Rampton
    Sarah Teshome & Catherine Jagger
    Helen Erichsen & Fiona Brown
    Ewa Kater & Malgorzata Sawicka
    Tracy Capal & Catherine Seale
    Venetia Anoyrkatis & Sally Anoyrkatis
    Jackie Pye & Sue Woodcock

    2019 Results

    2020 European Women's Trials

    The event is held at Young Chelsea Bridge club on the 3rd – 5th January (stage 1) and 17th – 20th January(stage 2).

    The European teams championships is the 17th – 27th June. Entries has now closed.

    Entries received

    Claire Robinson & Heather Bakhshi
    Diana Nettleton & Marusa Gold
    Debbie Sandford & Kath Stynes
    Hanna Tuus and Alexandra Birchall
    Daisy Dillon & Laura Érsek
    Kitty Teltscher & Nevena Senior
    Nicola Smith & Sarah Bell
    Anne Rosen & Catherine Curtis
    Gillian Fawcett & Catherine Draper
    Sally Brock & Fiona Brown
    Pauline Cohen and Lizzie Godfrey

    The Women’s Olympiad Trials

    The Women’s Olympiad Trials are held on the 22nd – 26th May, venue TBA.

    Entries are open for all and are to be taken in teams. Entry fee is £440 per team.