Women's Trials

Lady Milne Trials

The Lady Milne Trial will be on 17th-19th January 2025. The venue is still TBC, but will be in London.

The entry fee will be £105 per person.

The Lady Milne Trophy will take place 11th - 13th April, 2025 in England.

World Bridge Games

The World Bridge Games will take place later this year in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 22nd Oct - 5th Nov 2024.

Applications for entry should be sent to comps@ebu.co.uk. When sending an application, please confirm that you are able to participate in the trial for your category if a trial is held. The closing date for all entries is 5pm on Friday 26th January 2024. All teams will be expected to participate on a fully self-funded basis.

The Women's Trials will be held 10th-13th May

Entry List:

Fiona Brown, Helen Erichsen, Nevena Senior and Nicola Smith


European Championships 2024 (Herning, Denmark)

The below format is based on current numbers, and subject to change if the number of entrants change following the results of an earlier trial.


Stage One: Young Chelsea Stage Two: T.G.R.s

Stage one, which is to be held from 9th-11th February 2024, will be a Round Robin of approximately 144 boards.

Stage two will be held from 2nd-3rd March 2024 and will be a head-to-head final between two teams of four (112 boards).

It is hoped that the final will be played with tablets.

The overall winners of the trial will qualify to represent England at the European Championships (24th June - 4th July, hosted by Denmark).

The entry fee for the trial is £175 per player. 

Entries for this event closed on 3rd November but the Selection Committee are now willing to consider post-deadline applications from pairs for the 2024 European Championships. Any such applications should be sent to comps@ebu.co.uk by 5pm on Thursday 25th January

Specific Conditions of Contest

Movement Cards 1-4
Movement Cards 5-6
Start List

Entries received

Nicola Smith & Nevena Senior (exempt from Stage One)
Catherine Seale & Catherine Draper
Anne Rosen & Catherine Curtis
Allison Green & Bridget Rampton
Claire Robinson & Ewa Wieczorek
Debbie Sandford & Kath Stynes
Sally Anoyrkatis & Venetia Anoyrkatis
Tracy Sherman & Marilyn Malinowska
Dido Coley & Lily Kearney
Diana Nettleton & Sally Brock
Marcia Green & Jo Jarrold
Helen Erichsen & Fiona Brown
Susanna Gross & Paula Leslie

Schedule (based on 13 board matches):



Start  Finish
9 Feb


15:00 16:50


17:05 18:55


19:10 21:00
10 Feb


10:30 12:20


12:35 14:25


14:55 16:45


17:00 18:50


19:05 20:55
11 Feb


10:30 12:20


12:35 14:25


14:55 16:45



Previous Results