Lords beat Commons for the first time since 2016

The annual Lords Commons Bridge match took place in the Houses of Parliament on 31st Oct. Despite missing their captain, Baroness Henig who is in hospital and to whom we send our best wishes, the Lords team under Baroness Byford managed to beat the Commons by 120-65 over 24 boards.

Congratulations to (pictured, left to right): Kitty Teltscher, James Cooper, Baroness Byford (Captain), Lord Howard, Lord Kalms, Lord Hamilton, Earl of Caithness, Richard Cumming-Bruce.

The Tony Berry Trophy for the best-played hand, judged by Tom Townsend of the Daily Telegraph, was awarded to Lord Kalms for making 6D on board 3 (picture).

A hand commentary for the event, written by Heather Dhondy, is available below.