Tom Garrett

Tom has worked hard in the county Bridge field for over 40 years. He currently serves on the main committee as Membership Secretary as well as being an EBU shareholder and Regional Club Representative for Berks and Bucks and was the League of eight Secretary from 1998 to 2000.

Tom founded the Chiltern Bridge League and was Chairman from 1968-1986, and then he became Hon President and holds this position to date and has played in the League every year since.

Tom attended a set of classes and at the end his fellow students said they would like to stay together to play on a regular basis, so Tom created a club that he has run with very little help for over 40 years, this being the Chiltern Edge Bridge Club. In 1991 Tom qualified as a EBU Club Director and became the club’s webmaster in 2005 and produced the first club website.

Tom has also taught bridge at a local Adult Education Centre and after retiring run two Minibridge classes in both a public and comprehensive school.