Paul Hammond

Paul has been a member of the Worcestershire CBA committee for more than 20 years and has been its chairman on several occasions. He is one of the county’s shareholders and, when work permits, is one of the group who provide the representatives at EBU meetings.

He was one of the first people to take and obtain a County director’s certificate and he has been the Chief Tournament Director of the county since. He organised the host rota for many years, and he directs regularly at two local clubs. For years he was chief TD at Malvern BC, also on their committee, and was responsible for writing their constitution.

The county has a strong league system running usually about eight divisions and he has been a member of its organising committee for some years. For many years he was one of the WCBA representatives on the Midland Counties Congress committee and when, for several years, the WCBA ran a three day congress at Malvern Winter Gardens he was involved in its organisation.

No committee can function without people who are prepared to give their time and expertise, and within those there are the talkers and the doers: Paul is one of the doers.